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Cast of Characters!

A list of actors that have appeared in either (or both) band(s), a bio of each, a picture, what tracks they are featured in, and what they are famous for.


John Lehman


Whoa!  Watch out ladies!  Who's this handsome devil?!  John Lehman of course :).  John is your new God of music.  He is the brains and musical talent behind both bands. He is the one who mixes the DJ Wiggly music and who performs on Veggie Paw Eclipso.  Its all him baby!  Besides doing the music, he is also the self appointed leader of the "Trio of...3", who is JT, Richard, and himself.  His humor in the skits is based on random phrases and stories of his life, as well as bringing up past humorous events.  His best player in Hexen is the Cleric.


-Featured in: all albums (he made them!)

-Famous phrases: "Stop acting like a yee...ah mee", "Robot Shit?!", Chicken and Bitch!", "Condom Hot Bitch Fucking Coca Cola Pepsi!", "Robed Bitch", "The Dog Wants some Lovin....WAHHH!", "Ghost Baptists!, Everybody say..."


JT Kleene


3 words describe this man:  Crazy Motha Fucka!  JT is literally what makes DJ Wiggly live and breathe.  If it weren't for him, the band probably wouldn't exist.  JT has been featured in nearly all of DJ Wiggly songs, including a few self titled tracks like JT's Interpretive Dance, JT's Song, and JT Gets His Groove On.  His bizarre language and noises, and even his own laughter, make up most of his comedic nature found on the albums.  Besides that, his misunderstanding of what others say also tends to crack the other members of the "Trio of...3" up.  "Church of high piss shit?! What?!" and "I coulda sworn you said condom" are just some of the funny things JT has interpreted.  DJ Wiggly would literally be nothing without the man also known as Sausage Boy.  JT tends to use the Mage or Fighter when playing Hexen.  But the most important question is, would YOU like a sausage?


-Featured in: all DJ Wiggly albums

-Famous phrases: "Do you want me to go El Smasho?", "Mage war...brought to you by Sausage incorporated!", "Would you like a sausage?!", "Oya Ve! Theres something in my Minolta!", Countless laughs.


Paul Lehman


Paul is John's brother, and frankly, without him, skits would more than likely not find their way on any DJ Wiggly album!  Paul pratically gave birth to the true nature of the Hexen series.  He joined the DJ Wiggly crew for a short time to accompany John and JT during the recordings of the 2nd and 3rd Hexens.  During that time, he became the self-appointed leader and brought endless laughter to the other two.  Many of the things Paul said in Hexen 1 and 3 have become legendary to John and JT, including "The Ghosta Eat My Face!", arguably the most famous phrase uttered in Hexen/DJ Wiggly history.  Paul is perhaps the most famous character ever in DJ Wiggly, next to JT.  Unfortunately, he refused to do another Hexen after 1 and 3 were recorded.  Possibilities for a reunion may show themselves in the future, but things look bleak.  Despite that, Pauls contribution to DJ Wiggly will always be cherished, as it took the humorous aspect of the albums to a sky-high level.  Paul played as the Fighter primarily and also the Mage when he played Hexen.


-Featured in: Hexen 1, Hexen 3, JT John Funny, His Ass Is Outta Talk!

-Famous phrases: "The Ghosta Eat My Face!", "I busta yo ass!", "I shock you with my magic wand!", "Greasy sausage that you can't handle!", "woooooack!", "Strawberry Shit!", "Robic like the shava! Robo bic!", "Poke Chops!", "His ass is outta talk!"


Richard Davis


Richard is a somewhat recent addition to the DJ Wiggly crew.  After Paul said he would not do another Hexen, the future of the series did not look too good.  Finally, John decided to hire Richard as a replacement, although he was unsure if Rich would stand up to the success to John's brother.  Surprisingly, Richard has not only proved to be a hilarious asset, he has also managed to take skits to new heights, just like his predecessor.  Perhaps the craziest of the "Trio of...3", Richard's pleasantry derives from his bizarre loud noises, catch phrases, and most of all, his unpredictability.  Recently, Richard's potential has been highlighted in the 7th DJ Wiggly album, 7 Separate Ways.  He continues to impress the other members with his performance and his ability to hold his own as far as comedy goes.  Richard tends to use the Fighter in the Hexen recordings, being the sexy meatball he is.


-Featured in: DJ Wiggly albums 5-9

-Famous phrases: "Leave my daughter alone!", "All right to the fight!....and this mic is slobby...", "John as Dinky Con!", "Tuhermanamana!", "Blink this you blinker!", "Stop sticking things up my anal passage!", "Paybacks a bitch!", "Bad breakfast...", "Oh Come One Sonny! You Act Like Cocoa Bono!", "Its Bad For You!", "Because she WAAACKS me with the PAAADLE!", "My Balls feel like Two Weights!" "Hey Billy!  I got me some juicys!"


Jeff McDonald


Jeff's personality cannot be explained in words.  You really have to experience it for yourself.  He's unpredictable, crazy, and random.  With this knowledge, you never know what funny things will come out of his mouth.  Jeff has so far only been in one Veggie Paw Eclipso album and one DJ Wiggly album ("Do You See Yourself?" and "Magnum Opus"), but within those 2 albums, his talents are showcased in their prime.  Jeff is most famous for his sexual humor.  From having sex with a rubber chicken, to asking a girl if she were a transvestite, would she rape someone on an airplane, sex is what feeds his comedic genius. Over all, watch your back (and your ass) around this fella.  Haha...Im just kidding Jeff.


-Featured in: Crazy Niggas on Drugs, Dude!, Would You?, Just called to say

-Famous phrases: "Shut your cake whole Bridget...your my bitch now", "No, I want my pants, or my dick to be flopping around out of my pants where it should be because its free that way.", "If you were a transvestite and were on a plane crashing, would you rape someone?"


Mike Grant


Formally known as Pinky, Mike has appeared in all but one Veggie Paw Eclipso album. He is famous for his "monologues" found on VPE albums where the topics range from Jewish People to Dandruff and even Cramerica, found on the hit TV show "Seinfeld", a favorite of Mike's. The most impressive thing about his performances is how he can think up hilarious sentences right on cue.  Just give him a subject, like Snozzberries, and he'll ramble on hilariously about it as if he's been studying it for years.  Mike plays guitar in his free time and loves classic rock bands, such as Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, and others.  He has appeared once on a DJ Wiggly album with the song "Enjoyable Pastime Reading".  I dunno but I've been told, big legged woman ain't got no soul!


-Featured in: Cramerica, Flaking out the Wazoo, I Like Jewish People, Snozzberries, Bagels?, Enjoyable Pastime Reading

-Famous phrases: "A rubber bladder!", "If you have flakes, use the poo...and when I say poo, I mean SHAMpoo!", "When the world is screwish, it is GREAT to be Jewish", "Enjoyable Pastime Reading!" "They always taste like snozzberries!", "THE WRAITH OF THE LORD IS UPON US!"


Daniel Plunkett


Daniel was the newest member of the DJ Wiggly crew, but quit a few months after the relase of "Rye Sing Son".  After hearing the albums Resurgence, The Feeling of Accomplishment, and 7 Separate Ways, Plunkett literally begged to become a character.  After saying yes and seeing how he performed, John was very impressed.  Plunkett's (AKA: Grand Master Plunk Daddy) humor centered around witty improv and poking fun at rap and rap skits.  John was curious to see where Daniel would take his music, but he will be missed.  Daniel made his debut on DJ Wiggly's 8th album.  He spikes his hair ;).


-Featured in: Grand Master Plunk Daddy, Nod Yo Head to this fuckin beat, Cruisin the Dream Highway

-Famous phrases: "Nod yo head to this fuckin beat!", "We are the purple funky monkey pink pickle weasel dish washer airlines".

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