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DJ Wiggly was created on May 26, 2000, with the song "You All Die".  A year later, John began work on his first album, which he titled "Trinity".  Shortly after in August, he created his second album, "Birth of the Anegortuen" which had a slightly different style to it and contained what would become a tradition for future albums: Skits.  Two actually.  Hexen 1 and 3 became the most well liked “improv” pieces of the year amongst John's friends and remain to this day as arguably the funniest skits ever in DJ Wiggly history.


Next, John worked on his third album, "Watch as it Progresses", which didn't receive much attention.  The music was mediocre and the skit wasn’t up to par with the previous album’s two hits.  It was at this point when John decided he needed to change styles and really get the ball rolling.  In July of 2002, he released his fourth DJ Wiggly album, "Magnum Opus" which, at the time, had the most professional production on it than any of the albums before it.  For the time, John considered it his best work.


After that, DJ Wiggly music took a rather large turn.  In November of that year, he released "Resurgence". A totally new look (or listen rather) of DJ Wiggly sound, it was very well received and revived the Hexen series with Hexen 4.


In January of 2003, DJ Wiggly created his 6th album, "The Feeling of Accomplishment", which took on some of the characteristics of the past 5 albums and put them all into one.  It wasn't well received musically, but it has some of the funniest skits of DJ Wiggly's career, including Hexen 5.


Next, John would create one his most successful albums to date.  Around March of 2003, he released "7 Separate Ways", which took 7 styles of techno and other music and put them all on one album.  The fans loved it, calling it his best work yet.  It still remains as one of his finest trophies today.


Then, in August of 2003, John released his 8th DJ Wiggly album, "Rye Sing Son."  Taking a slightly different turn, he used more real instruments than techno sounds and used rap/hiphop drums as opposed to dance drum kits.  Over all, it was definitely a DJ Wiggly sound, but painted a different color, so to speak.  Some enjoyed it more than 7 Separate Ways, while others thought it was good, but not as good.  This album introduced a new member, Daniel Plunkett (Grand Master Plunk Daddy), who quit a few months later, and features a collaboration with DJ Lighty Bolt.


With two well received albums under his belt now, John was under pressure to take the next step and attempt to top what he had accomplished.  After a few months, he picked back up in March 2004 and released "Virtuoso", his 9th album.  This was a very hard album to make and focused more on music than humor.  It’s a bit darker than most albums and in many ways is mix between The Feeling of Accomplishment, Rye Sing Son, and 7 Separate Ways.  John considers it his most professionally designed album ever to date.


Finally, the last DJ Wiggly was created.  On November 29th, John released Swan Song, the 10th DJ Wiggly.  With 20 tracks, 2 discs, and fewer apperances by JT and Richard, Swan Song is the most diverse album yet for DJ Wiggly.  Disc 1 contained strictly music while Disc 2 contained two skits over 30 min long.  After 4 years, the DJ Wiggly legacy was finally over.


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