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About Veggie Paw Eclipso


Veggie Paw Eclipso was birthed on October 27th, 2002; around the same time John began thinking about where to go with DJ Wiggly after "Magnum Opus".  One idea was to use his musical keyboard and actually do music, but he felt it would be too much of a drastic change.  Still wanting to put his keyboard skills to paper, he formed a new “band”, and Veggie Paw Eclispo was born!


Ideas stormed his head.  He wanted goofiness and wackiness and funniness while retaining a serious side.  He eventually concluded that his ideas would mimic that of a favorite band of his, Meat Beat Manifesto.  From that point on, he named his band Veggie Paw Eclipso.  The name is supposed to an opposite to the band he's mimicking.  Veggie goes with Meat, Paw goes with Beat (paw being gentle compared to beat) and Eclispo (root eclipse meaning hide) goes with Manifesto (root manifest meaning show).


John finished his first Veggie Paw album ("It Starts With 1") within days after making his first song, "Beepenklick", which uses a section of the Pac Man theme song slowed down.  It has been the most popular song in the bands career up to date.  The album as a whole was very experimental, with very little standing out.  Some of John's favorite tracks today are on this album.


Next, John decided to take a different turn with VPE in November of 2002.  The next album, "Do you see yourself?", took a more mellow and mature approach to the idea.  It stands today as John's 2nd favorite album.  An underground hit.  Shortly after in December, he created his last album for the keyboard he used for the first 2, titled "Poetic Justice for the Loved and Loving".  It followed a similar style to "Do you see yourself?" but didn't cause much commotion.


That X-Mas, John received a brand new keyboard for his music.  He shortly went to work on making his most favorite album up to date, "Ultramodern".  He feels as though its his most mature and well done piece of work to date, the most popular song being "Everything Changes" which also is a favorite of his.  Afterwards, John took a long break from Veggie Paw Eclipso (juggling DJ Wiggly in-between), and eventually got back to work in 2003, releasing his 5th VPE, "Philanthropy", in May of that year.


After 7 months of a break, John got back on his feet and worked on a new record.  This time, he decided to do something totally different.  He used both his old and new keyboard as well as a new sense of style.  In January of 2004, John released "The Gemini", his 6th album.  It loosely follows the same traditions of the previous 5, but has a new style all on its own.


Arguably, the greatest parts of the albums are their diversity in theme.  Each album has a theme.  1 = laughter, 2 = intelligence, 3 = love, 4 = maturity, 5 = good nature, 6 = 2 sides of the brain.  Each album also follows traditions.  Every album has a song with the words "A song for your" in it.  It also features John's friend Mike Grant in every album except the first.


John is unsure how many albums of Veggie Paw Eclipso he plans to make, but he feels he may retire soon due to his busy lifestyle.



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