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John Lehman Words


Words and thoughts from creator of DJ Wiggly and Veggie Paw Eclipso, John Lehman.



Hey y'all


DJ Wiggly 10 is finally out and the DJ Wiggly game is over.  Its sad, but its been fun.  I handed out this album to 32+ people.  Lots of new fans.  Its nice to get some large acceptance after so many years.


So whats next?  Theres still the next Veggie Paw to consider, so I'm not out of the game yet.  But soon I will be.


I wont close down this website once I'm done, but I wont be updating with news anymore.  Y'all can feel free to check the website whenever you want and see the listings and the summaries.


I'll keep updating about Veggie Paw if theres anything to update about.  Enjoy the new album all.


-John Lehman




Hot damn its been a while.


Happy Halloween first off.


Veggie Paw Eclipso had its 2nd birthday a few days back.


Now to buisness.  Album planning for VPE...I'll prolly get back to work in December, provided that schedual works with Coitus.  I've been very busy since school started and neither Coitus or myself have had time to do anything with it. 


Theres still lingering thought to cancel the album.  If I can't get much work done soon, I'll have no time at all to finish it.  In that case...I WILL cancel the album and maybe include some of the tracks I really liked in a Veggie Paw Eclipso greatest hits package;  Sort of a "previously unreleased tracks!' type thing. 


I don't like the thought at all...but if it comes down to that, I'm going to do it.  Time is money and I'm close to bankrupt if you catch me.


Last night I recorded the very last DJ Wiggly skit ever:  Hexen 7.  Turned out very very VERY nicely.  I love it.  41 minutes long.  DJ Wiggly 10 will probably be a 2-disc with all the music, another with two skits, Hexen 7 included, and some final words from myself.  I'm considering starting up DJ Wiggly 10 very soon.  Maybe when November rolls along and maybe also inbetween recording for Veggie Paw which hopefully will take place in December as I said.


Anyway...I know I keep saying sorry for the delays, so I wont bother to say it here.  You know I'm sorry haha.  I know I don't update here much but keep coming here if you want news on how the albums are progressing.


I hope my plans work out.  I want to put out this last Veggie Paw Eclipso album (yes, its offical...this will be the last one).  We'll see what the future holds.


Until next time


-John Lehman




The album process has been a little slow lately.


I can say with complete honesty that it wont be done in time for school.  Hardly.  In fact, I'll probably be working on it a lot during school, if time allows.  But either way, it IS going to be done. 


I still haven't decided on whether or not this will be the last one.  Considering how busy I'm about to become within the next few years, it very well may be.  Hell, I may not be even done with this album for a while, unless I literally work on it EVERY Saturday once school starts up. 


Coit is out of town, so I've been unable to work on it lately.  But thats fine.  Theres no longer a rush.  I'd rather make it good than make it fast.


Hell, I may even have the last DJ Wiggly done before this album is out, but thats just a thought.  No real insight.


Anyways, sorry for the delays.  But I promise you people, this album will be FUCKIN amazing.  Thanks for your patience.


Boo ya


-John Lehman




Lemme start out by saying that today is Mike Grant's birthday.  Mike has been featured in 5 out of 6 Veggie Paw Eclipso CDs.  You know the man..."Cramerica", "Snozzberries", "I Like Jewish People"?  He's the commentator.


Updates regarding the upcoming Veggie Paw Eclipso CD...I have 3 tracks completed...meaning theres 15 more to go...


On top of that...I have 8 tracks in total planned/written/in progress.  Meaning I need to plan/write/start working on 10 more...


I've also been giving something else some thought....retirement.


This album has been more work than I've ever done on ANY of my CDs.  Both DJ Wiggly and Veggie Paw Eclipso.  I have to drag ALL of my equiment from my house all the way down to Bellaire every time I wanna record.  Sure the sound quality is wonderful when I do so, but its a big hassle.  And sometimes I make more mistakes than usual since I have no way of testing the majorty of stuff I record until I get home.


I am thinking on making this my last album.  If not, then there will be only one more after this.  I originally planned to make 10 VPE's, but considering how busy I am now, how busy I will be Senior year, and how ESPECIALLY BUSY I will be in College, I can't see any free time to persue my orignial goal.


I may still be working on this album when school starts back up.  I'll probably be making my next Veggie Paw NEXT summer, if I do decide to make another after this one.  And among that, I'll be busy with college stuff after Graduation.  I have a busy future ahead of me, and busyness doesn't mean free time...and free time = Veggie Paw Eclipso...among other things.


Oh well, like I said we'll see.  I'm still very very VERY excited about this album.  It sounds badass so far...and I don't just mean the sound quality :)


Stay tuned folks...


-John Lehman




Sorry for the lack of updates!  I've been far from idle...


About a month ago, I deided to persue a project.  I decided I wanted to make a music video for my current (and perhaps only) single off of the "Virtuoso" album:  "Get Me Down".  So after a long, grueling, stressful process of writing, schedualing, shooting, and editing, I finally wound up with a finished product a week ago today.  I then showed it to maybe 40 people Monday night and an additional 10-15 people today.  It seems to be sucessful! :)  I'm very happy with it.


In between this, I have also already drawn up some plans for the next Veggie Paw Eclipso.  I already know what I want to call it, what I want the theme to be, and perhaps even what color I will use.


I may not be doing it the usual way.  In fact, I may not even be recording it at my house.  My friend Andrew Coit has a nice recording studio apparently and I may use it there.  I'm getting a little sick of using the old "Mic-Next-To-Speaker" recording style.  I'd like to go professional since this album I'm planning is going to be very personal and introspective.  It'll sound fairly different than the Veggie Paw's before it and will contain even LESS humor and MORE self-expression than the previous "The Gemini"


All of this will take place over Summer and a new album should be expected at the beginning of my Senior year.


Then of course I work on the last DJ Wiggly album.


Anyways, I'm psyched about making a new Veggie Paw.


Keep it locked...Laaate


-John Lehman




So the album is done and handed out to all.


I've gotten some nice feedback, from those who have heard it so far.  All positive :)


I'm very proud of Virtuoso.  I feel like its my most professional DJ Wiggly yet.  It may not be the GREATEST, but it goes without saying that a lot of careful preparation and hard work went into it.


DJ Wiggly #10 is going to be huge.  But speaking of that...lemme fill y'all in on a logical schedual of my next few recording sessions:


I'd say around Summer time, I'll begin work on another Veggie Paw Eclipso.  I have no idea what the hell I'll be doing with it, but I think thats a good place to start.


Honestly, I can't picture having time on another DJ Wiggly until around next X-Mas break.  And I want it to be really good, so I'll be spending a lot of time on it for sure.  I just hope I have enough time to do so.  That will be Senior year...


All of this may happen sooner than these dates...hopefully not later.  I was planning on finishing up DJ Wiggly for sure and possibly all of the Veggie Paw Eclipso albums before I go to College, where I'll have NO time to do any of this.  I may only have time for 8 Veggie Paw Eclipso albums throughout my life.  Unless I do some work after Senior year and before College (IE Summer)


Anyways...I'm in Spring Break.  I'm going to relax.  I've made some very nice accomplishments in my bands this year :)  I hope I can keep it up for the final DJ Wiggly and other Veggie Paw's to come.




-John Lehman




I've completed much of the new album.  I just need a few more tracks and some touching up and it will be done.  I'm pretty happy with it, I must say.  Its better than the last two in some ways.


I'd say March is a close estimate of when it'll be done and released.


-John Lehman




I'm afraid Daniel decided to quit DJ Wiggly to persue a solo career.  Oh well.  I was hoping he would stay on for the last few albums but thats ok.


In other news, I've already begun production on the next album haha.  Only a few days after putting out a new Veggie Paw Eclipso, I've started up DJ Wiggly again.  Made a song last sounds really tight.


Thats all for now...


-John Lehman




"The Gemini" is released!  I'm very excited about this album :).  Now I'll post the tracklists and such.


Enjoy the 6th album from Veggie Paw Eclipso :)


-John Lehman




Yes I'm still alive!


Sorry I haven't updated.  You'll be happy to know that I've been working on the album all break long and I will offically complete the last track tomorrow!  Its 12 tracks long.  Its amazing stuff.  I can't wait for everyone to hear.


I'll post the tracklistings, album name, and other stuff once its offically out.  Meaning, like, the 6th.


Thanks for your patience.  It will be rewarded.


-John Lehman




Im terribly sorry for the lack of updates!  Lemme fill you all in!


Ive been incredibly busy with schoolwork.  Free time is mostly spent on fun things rather than updating about hobbies.  Its been crazy.


My laptop got wiped at the beginning of this school year, making me lose all of my tracks.  Dont worry, I still have them on CDs, but I lost those skits I recorded with JT and Richard to be used on later albums.  That sucks.  I will have to make new ones.  That whole recording session was pointless then.  Hey, at least we had fun.


Musically, I have been gathering thoughts and plans for the next Veggie Paw Eclipso album.  I want it to be big.  Very big.  Big changes.  New style, but same style at the same time.  I want it to be amazing.  I think its about time for an album like that.  So much has happened in between now and Philanthropy and DJ Wiggly doesnt have the power to express my feelings from then.  I cant wait to throw down and let loose on my keyboardperhaps both of them hehe.  Shit!  Im saying too much!


I have a name for the albumno I cannot say it yet.  Youll just have to wait.


Im not going to lie to you.  I have NO time to even think up of songs at the moment.  Album production probably wont even start until Christmas break, meaning the album probably wont even be out until maybe January or February.  Sorry folks, I just dont have the massive free time I did Sophomore year.  But rest assured that the next coming of Veggie Paw Eclipso will be a highly remembered one.


Just keep it locked here and youll be made aware of all the news and findings.  Ill try to update more often, but dont expect me to until December really, when Im actually doing JWL Records work.


In the meantime, enjoy the tracklisting for Rye Sing Son found in the DJ Wiggly section haha.




-John Lehman




Sorry for the lack of time.  The new DJ Wiggly, "Rye Sing Son" is out tho.  I'll do the tracklisting later.


-John Lehman




I've finished it!  The Cast of Characters! section is done!  What the hell are you doing around here?  Go LOOK AT IT!  :) :) :)


I'm very excited :)


A few albums were put out the other day, but not enough to post a tracklist or even mention the name of the album ;)






-John Lehman




Its done!  The new album is done!


JT and Richard's visit provided me with 6 recordings!  More in any outting I've ever had! :)


I carefully listened to each one, and I determined that 3 were the best (one of them being a Hexen to be used on the last album).


The new album has been distributed to JT and Richard and Matt, all who appeared on the new album.  Plunkett has not received his copy due to the fact that I don't have immediate access to him.  He will get his soon enough.


The album sounds great :)  Can't wait for y'all to hear it.


NOO information will be released about it until its released to the public.  Then the name and track list will be posted in the DJ Wiggly section.


I'm still on a role!  DJ Wiggly will go out with a bang :)


Also, with this album complete, I have now over 100 DJ Wiggly tracks :)  103 to be exact...all in 3 years :) wow.




-John Lehman




A date has been set!


Tomorrow, JT Kleene and Richard Davis are coming over for the final 3 skits for DJ Wiggly.


After that, who knows...we may record just for the sake of recording.  Of course, theres always the possibiltiy of mini skits.  I have 3 on my upcoming DJ Wiggly of them is 9 min. long.  but isn't the official skit of the album.


So I'm pretty excited...Saturday or the day of, I will give them and myself the copy and then....well I'm not sure when everyone else will get theres.  Perhaps at the beginning of school even.


Well, I'm off for now...keep lookin here :)




-John Lehman




Hello fans :)


Currently, I am gathering pictures for the upcoming "Cast of Characters!" page.  It will include brand new bio's of each character, insted of the rambling and useless ones in the subprofile version of the site.  Its gonna look great!


I have pics of Mike and Jeff and a slew of pics of Richard to choose from...I still need me (which I can get really quickly), JT, and brother possibly, but I dunno just yet.  He may not be willing to be on the Internet haha.


Keep checking the site!  Laaate


-John Lehman




Welcome to the new webpage! :)


I decided to transfer the subprofile over to the web so it can be checked more often and so I can customize it more.  I also have unlimited typing room...well usually.


I've been hard at work doing the next DJ Wiggly...I wont reveal anything until its done tho!  All I need is a skit.


For now, enjoy the webpage.  I want some pictures of JT, Richard, and the other guys so I can put up the "Cast of Characters!" page.




-John Lehman



Sorry! I haven't updated since summer started, but I've been far from not busy...I've been working hard on the next DJ Wiggly....I haven't a clue how I can top an album as successful as 7 Separate Ways, but it will be able to stand its ground to it.

As usual, the track listings and such will go in here once its out

I'm out...I'll try to update more...laaaaate

-John Lehman


So its finally out! Good.

This is prolly my most like heart felt and most meaningful album to me, production wise. I mean, its really hard to surpass Ultramodern (which I love) so I don't think this album does that really...but just the fact of how long I spent on it, what all happened, what the theme of the CD is, my God Mother dedication, and the fact that I'm not really disappointed with many songs. I'm just happy with how hard I worked.

I hope you enjoy it...its not a masterpiece but its got some WONDERFUL tracks on it. During the summer I'll start working on DJ Wiggly. I'm not sure where I'll go with it yet. I do have a skit already and one song....

I need to think of a way to either do better than the last album (which I'm not sure how to do!) or do the same thing except better.....well I'll figure it all out.

Have a good summer all....laaate

-John Lehman


I'm very excited about this album...2 more tracks :)

-John Lehman


Its been a while I know...but the new Album still isn't done

I didn't have any time to make any tracks last weekend...I just wasn't deadline is the 23rd...or really the 18th....13 days to do 5 tracks.

I can't wait for y'all to hear it....I'm starting to get a bit cynical about it....I think some of my past albums are a little better in some ways...but hey, the Artist never likes his work in the long run...I'll let the fans judge, eh?

Well check in soon....laaate

-John Lehman


Well Looperman has been provided the majority of the beats for albums now I can only use Loopasonic

I think I'll be ok...only 3 more albums to go and this site has some great beats.

That is all

-John Lehman


Damn! I'm on a roll everyone!

Every track I've made over the last month has been totally badass! I'm on fuckin fire! I dunno how I do it...I'm writin really catchy shit. And its not very dark like the makes you relax, smile, laugh, nod yo fuckin head...go crazy! Its tight! I felt like Ultramodern and Do You See Yourself? was some of my best shit, but I may beat those....if not, I can definitely say I'm making some future classics on here

I can't wait for everyone to hear this stuff...its so exciting to make awsome music like this

Well I gots stuff to I'm out


-John Lehman


So I'm workin on the next Veggie Paw Eclipso

This one has a more positive feel than the others so far...the past 4 have a small sense of gloom to them, but these seem more cheery...but still cool...very cool stuff....I really like the tracks I have so far...can't wait for y'all to hear 'em

Wont be done for a while, but check in often for updates


-John Lehman


So a DJ Wiggly is done, so....that means time to start on Veggie Paw again! I already know exactly what I wanna do with the next one. I can't say too much (partially cuz I don't have a whole lotta info, and partially cuz its a secret hehe), but I can say that I've got a few songs recorded already. I want a lotta tracks on this one. 16 maybe

check the news section for Veggie Paw Elclipso fairly often


-John Lehman


The next album (after 7 Separate Ways) wont be out for a while, but I've decided to recruit a little bit of help. Daniel Plunkett will be helping a little with the next album. Also known as Grand Masta Plunk Daddy (GMPD)...he will be contributing some artwork, a few ideas, his voice, and even a little music (where he can). He will be added to the Characters section once I finish that album.

Of course that album wont get started for quite a while...I'm busy working on the next Veggie Paw Eclipso right now.

Anyways, just thought I'd let y'all know


-John Lehman

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