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Cube for Doom 2 Copy
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Here you can download Cube...simple enough eh?

Download Cube 1.5

The main MOD on this webpage.  Cube 1.5 changes all the weapons and about 97% of the monsters.  Play deathmatch (or try single player to test out the weapons and monsters) with these super powered weapons including Benelli M3 Pump Shotguns, Bandsaws, and the infamous Creature Creator.  File size: 3.63 MB.

Upgrade Cube 1.5 to 1.5a

Download this patch for Cube 1.5 to make it 1.5a.  This changes several minor things to the game in order to balance a few things out.  A list of  the changes can be found in the zip file.  File Size: 4.18 KB.

Download "Classic Cube"

This is the classic version of Cube.  In it, no enemies, sounds, or weapons are altered, except for the BFG.  It now can create monsters like the Icon of Sin (it can only create the Doom 2 monsters of course).  So now you can play regular Doom 2 deathmatch, but also have the ability to use the Creature Creator and spawn a Mancubus on someones ass...or perhaps a Pain Elemental >:).  File size: 893 bytes.

Download "Classic Cube CS"

No, not Classic Cube for Counter Strike.  Classic Cube CS is the same as the Classic Cube above, but the only difference is it changes the Demon and Spectre (both who are pretty useless monsters in deathmatch) into none other than the Cyberdemon and Spider Demon!  Complete with their correct stats, HP, weight and height, sounds, and frames!  Deadly new ability >:).  File size: 1.14 KB.