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News and Updates

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
Wow, its been a while since I've edited this site. Any Cube fans that still exsist should be delighted to know that I made a little tweak just the other day to the mod. The shotgun guard always behaved like a faster version of his zombie counter-part, firing only one shot at a time. Having noticed this after all these years, I decided to wipe the dust off of Dehacked and go in and change that. When the shotgunner targets you, he will fire at the same rate your auto-shotgun does! This make him much harder and more true to his nature as an "Auto-Shotgun guard". I hope you all will enjoy. I certainly do :). Not much other news...Sphere has been pretty much abandoned, although it is still my property (the coding, at least). And Cube is still pretty much where I want it. I've been delving into other pursuits lately, but nothing will kill my passion for Doom and Doom Editing. As you can see, I will always come back at some point. I have also edited the BEX file to follow newer versions of Zdoom and Skulltag. The obituaries now work properly. See the downloads page for details. Cheers and I hope you enjoy the new shotgun guy!.
Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
1.5e is out.  I tweaked the rate-of-fire of the Electrode Gun (and the Scientist's) and the walking speed of the guards.
Friday, Febuary 20th, 2004
1.5d is out.  Mostly its tweakings to enemy health.  Some enemies have more now, some have less.
Tuesday, Febuary 3rd, 2004
Ok, so its been a while I know.
The author of the Biobot sprite e-mailed me and asked that it be removed.  I promptly e-mailed him back saying okay and I went on a search to find a replacement.  I have finally found one.  Check out the enemies page if you'd like to see.
Cube 1.5c (which contains this new enemy) is now available.  There are a couple of other tweeks as well...I lowered the health and walking speed of the BEI slightly.
Go to the DL page and get it!
Monday, October 27th, 2003
Terribly sorry for the lack of updates.  I'm still alive.  I just haven't been doing work on Doom stuff lately.  Schoolwork and my social life is taking up most of my time.  As I said earlier though, Cube is at my liking for the time being.  There are a few things I'd like to do, but I don't have immediate time to do so, nor the desire to at the moment.  Don't worry, I still like the MOD very much and I haven't lost interest in working on it.  I'm just on other important things right now.
Friday, July 11th, 2003
New version of Cube....1.5b....just a few new sounds and tweaks to the dehacked file.  Go download it in the downloads section.
I've also added two new sections to the site!  A monsters section and a weapons section, complete with screenshots and info!  Go check out all my hard work!
Tuesday, July 8th, 2003
Yeah so things have been quiet around here....Cube is to my liking for now...theres a lot I'd like to work on, as far as balance issues and other things like levels and what not.
I may not update it for a while...I want the next version to include some new stuff.
Keep checkin in...
Saturday, June 28th, 2003
I have released a patch for can now upgrade your copy of Cube from 1.5 to 1.5a
Here is a list of changes made to the game:
-Changed text reading "Akloriza" at the end screen to read "D. Warchief"
-Lowered Scientist and BEI plasma shot damage from 10 to 8
-Lowered Electrode Gun shot damage from 10 to 8
-Lowered Scientist HP from 150 to 145
-Raised Scientist Speed from 8 to 9
-Raised Scientist Height from 20 to 21
-Lowered BEI HP from 60 to 55
-Reduced BEI attack rate slightly
-Reduced the "heavyness" of the Creature Creator to make it lighter
-Reduced the "heavyness" of the Mortar Launcher to make it lighter
-Changed ammo capacities to be more realistic
-Lowered Creature Creator ammo usage from 60 to 50
-Lowered inital bullets from 35 to 32
-Made Monsters be able to fight their own kind
-Changed cheat for Partial Invisibility from "cloak" to "predator"
-Changed cheat for Level Warp from "go2lev" to "warp"
-Changed cheat for a Chainsaw from "chainsaw" to "bansaw"
-Raised armor class for "security vest" from 1 to 2
-Raised armor class for "swat team bullet proof vest" from 2 to 3
-Changed text reading "Supercharge!" when picking up a SoulSphere to read "SoulSphere!"
The Patch can be found in the downloads section.  Enjoy...and PLEASE report any other problems, cheap elements, and anything else via e-mail.
Monday, June 23rd, 2003
Cube 1.5 has been released.
Nothing too fancy.  I have changed the title and credit screens in the game.  I have also replaced the Akloriza and Nightmare Lord's graphics with Baron of Hell/Hell Knight graphics, except with different coloration.  The Akloriza is now known as "Demon Warchief".
Other changes include menu graphics, slight tweaks to the dehacked file, BEX file, and a few new sounds.
Go download it now and enjoy...I feel like taking a break from Doom 2 editing for a while.
Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
EDIT:  Cube 1.4 has been released!  I've made some fairly big changes to my MOD
First off...I've fixed the problem Doom Legacy users were having with most of the sprites not displaying during the game.  I'm not sure exactly how I did it, but I got it done haha.  Go me.
Anyways, I've put in new graphics for almost all of the weapons.  I've added a few new sounds here and there.  For one thing, I've totally replaced the Minigun.  It is now the Tec-9, a cool looking machine pistol.  It is no longer "heavy" now as well since it isn't a big chaingun. (if you don't know what that means, notice how long it takes to pull out the Napalm Cannon or Creature Creator..thats what I mean).  I've also gotten rid of the Desert Eagle and replaced it with a SOCOM Pistol, which suits the accuracy/weakness characteristics of pistol in the game better than the DE.
Changing the Minigun means changing the Minigun Guard...he now has the Tec-9.  I've also tweaked the Spider Demon slightly.
One of the best things I've done is running a clean on the wad, ridding it of wasted space...I've taken the WAD itself from 18 MB to 5!  Making the zip a nice 2.94 MB to download.
Go get it in the Download Cube section
Saturday, June 14th, 2003
I've updated Cube and version 1.3 is now available.  I have removed Cleimos 2 and all related objects from the game, except for the Biobot.  It will remain in until I find a replacement sprite for it.  I also edited the dehacked file.
A special treat as well.  I've added Classic Cube to the download page.  You can now play regular Doom 2 with only one difference:  The Creature Creator.  The enemies and other weapons remain the same, but the BFG is now the Creature Creator.  Proves to be quite fun when you start spawning Barons of Hell and Pain Elementals in deathmatch >:).  Check both out.
I have also included a version of Classic Cube where I've replaced the Demon and Spectre (both pretty useless monsters in Deathmatch) with none other than the Cyberdemon and Spider Demon >:).  Complete with their correct stats, HP, weight and height, sounds, and frames!  All of this is in the "Download Cube" section.
That's all for now...check in soon.
EDIT:  Um...I forgot to make it so the Spider Demon was not partially invisible in Classic Cube CS!  Haha, since he takes on the form of the Spectre, he is default partially invisable....TOO CHEEP! Haha problem has been fixed and the new version is under the download section, replacing the old one.