Cube for Doom 2
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The enemies and monsters you'll face in single player and the ones you can create with the Creature Creator.

* = Cannot be spawned by the Creature Creator


* Pistol Guard *
Pistol Guards are green-colored security forces, armed with a simple pistol. They are very weak, and pose little threat, except when in large groups. Usually, one round from the pistol will do one in. These cannot be created by the Creature Creator.


* Elite Guard *
Elite Guards are powerful soldiers armed with Automatic Shotguns, which makes them deadly when in groups and quite annoying alone. Fast movement and taking cover will be necessary to take any number of these baddies down. Luckly for you, these guys drop their weapons when they die. They cannot be created by the Creature Creator.


* Special Forces Marine *
The Special Forces Marine are the best of the best. Highly intelligent, strong armor, quick reflexes, and armed with a Tec-9. Never underestimate these dudes. They drop their Tec-9's upon death, and cannot be created by the Creature Creator.


Biologically Enhanced Imp
The B.E.I.'s are brand new imps, manufactured to be far superior to their rather bland counterpart. Insted of throwing slow and weak fireballs, the B.E.I. throws a powerful electric blast which takes big chunks off your health  It has also been given a boost in strength, making it more resistant to damage.  In groups, these bastards can be very deadly.


The moment you hear its tell-tale scream, take cover immediately. Once they spot you, these nasty beasts let loose a fury of bullets in the form of a mini-gun device embedded into it's chest. Keep these things at a distance, and perhaps you WONT turn into hamburger.  (Thanks to Mouse for the graphic and permissions!)


Demon Elite
The Demon Elites are the bigger brothers of the orignal demons from Doom.  They are faster, stronger, take more damage, and deal out more damage than their predecessor.  They also have a deep red coloration rather than pink.  Aim carefully and be cautious around these things. They can be in your face in the blink of an eye, and by your next blink, you'll already be down if you don't know what your doing.


Sentry Bot
Sentry Bots are floating robots designed to deliver a hard-to-dodge burst of bullets at unexpected times. Its hard to distinguish the precise moment these things will open fire. Its best to use a fast-firing weapon to dispose of these things quickly.


* Dark Skull *
An upgraded version of the Lost Souls from the orignal Doom.  Dark Skulls are stronger, faster, bigger, and attack without mercy.  Once they attach to you, they will continue to bite until you are dead!  Always listen for their tell tale screaching as they search for you and listen for a scream as they swoop in for the kill.  Stay alert and shoot them down.  These cannot be directly created by the Creature Creator, but there is still another way to spawn them.


Dark Creator
Dark Creator's have the terrifying ability to fill a whole room with Dark Skulls. Even when taking one down, it will release a ball of Dark Skulls to immediately swoop in your direction. The sooner you can kill these when they are around, the better.


Acolytes are 1 of 3 new species of Baron Demons. Faster than his Doom 2 cousins, the Acolyte throws a fireball that deals explosive damage. Occasionally, his fireball will lock onto you, following your movements. However, unlike the Baron of Hell or Hellknight, he is relatively easier to kill. Still, not a fun thing to mess around with.


Demon Warchief
Another new Baron, the Demon Warchief is comparable to the Cyber-Demon from Doom 1 and 2. He throws two large orange fireballs, one after the other, which deal high explosive damage. One direct hit can send you sliding across the floor in a bloody heap. He also can take quite a bit of damage. Tread lightly.


Porgis Daus
Not even I know how to pronounce his name. Never the less, this guy is a tough sunofabitch. His attack is, simply put, throwing two BFG blasts in opposite directions. It doesn't feel good to be hit by one of those shot, or to be in his line of sight when one explodes. Mortars or better are strongly recommended.


Scientists appear timid and fragile, which indeed they are. It doesn't take too much to subdue one or more. What makes them deadly, however, is the fact that they are armed with V.3 Electrode guns. Once they start firing, it can be quite difficult to avoid damage. Dodge swiftly or be electrocuted. Choose wisely.


Nightmare Lord
Be very afraid in the presense of these beings of darkness. They possess the power of the Creature Creator, which means their attack is comparable to the BFG (line of sight damage). Furthermore, one direct hit from his attack means instant death, even if you have an invincibility sphere active. If his attack misses and does not hit a wall or otherwise, a different monster will explode from inside of him; a double-edged sword. This effectively destroys this horror, but it will replace him with either a weaker or stronger enemy (few compare, however). Use all your abilites to defeat these guys, or keep a distance to let them kill themselves (and pray its a weaker replacement).


* CyberDemon 2000 *
Cyber Demon has been given major improvements.  He now fires 3 separate missles:  A fast fireball, the Acolytes heat seeker, and Porgis Daus' mind blast!  Good luck!  And no, he cannot be spawned by the Creature Creator.

Other Monsters:  Arch-Vile has been relativly un-altered.  He has merely been given a boost of HP.  The Spider Demon has been given a gattling gun upgrade, making it fire faster and wind up quicker.  And beware of barrels on the secret levels...