Cube for Doom 2
Weapons and Items
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A list of the new weapons and items found in the game.

Note:  These weapons replace all of the original Doom 2 weapons.  The originals cannot be used while playing this MOD.


Husqvarna Stihl Saw (Power Cutter)
A Stihl Saw (also known as a Power Cutter) normally used for construction purposes, but hey, Doom seems to like making "yard" tools available to inflict pain upon your enemies...just take a look at the old chainsaw.  The "Buzzsaw" is much faster than the chainsaw found in the original Doom, and is much quieter as well.  It can tear through the weaker enemies in a heart beat, and can make quick work of some of the more advanced creatures, provided you can get into their face and give their flesh the grinding it deserves, while watching your own health.  Used in the right hands, this is arguably the best weapon (er...tool) in the game.


Busse Combat Knife
When push comes to shove, you'll end up with this.  Its not as reliable as a shotgun or sub-machine gun, and it doesn't have the speed of the power cutter, but this baby can get you out of many situations, especially when your boosted up on steroids.  Its a good choice to use this on very weak enemies to conserve amunition.


Heckler and Koch Mark 23 SOCOM Pistol
Orignally developed for the U.S. Special Operations, the SOCOM Pistol provides excellent accuracy and a good rate of fire.  You start with this weapon with roughly 3 clips plus your knife.  Not a bad weapon to begin with at all.  Each shot is totally accurate and its rate of fire will keep you alive until you find more "problem solving" weaponry.  It fires 9mm ammo.


XM-1014 Auto-Shotgun
The Benelli XM-1014 Auto-Shotgun fires 12 Gauge shotgun shells at a very fast rate.  Its spread is tight, making it a very efficient weapon.  You'll find that this weapon makes an excellent work-horse for both single player and deathmatch.  Again, it uses 12 Gauge shotgun shells.  Be sure and watch your ammo, as it can burn through shells pretty quickly.


Benelli M3 Combat Shotgun
In the words of Duke Nukem, "Now THIS is a force to be reckoned with!".  The M3 Combat Shotgun may not have the incredible rate of fire that it's cousin, the XM Automatic, has but this pump shotgun has unmatched stopping power.  It fires almost 3 times as many bebes than the auto-shotgun, although with a much wider spread, allowing it to hit several targets at once at a distance, while splattering enemies up close.  Its best to use this weapon in fairly close quarters to get the best out of it.  Again, this weapon you'll find becomes a very valuable workhorse and, like its counterpart, uses 12 Gauge shotgun shells for ammo.


Intratec Tec-9
The Intratec Tec-9 is a machine pistol which was banned in America in an attempt to reduce urban homicides.  It was renamed to the AB-10 shortly after.  Tec-9's have an excellent rate of fire and a good sized clip.  You can easily take down weaker enemies with it and shower the stronger ones with a volley of bullets.  But watch your ammo, because you can go through it fast.  The Tec-9 uses 9mm ammunition.


60mm Commando Mortar Launcher (N)
This ones a beauty.  The Commando Mortar Launcher can be found among the military arsenal of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  It fires a highly explosive missle which is heavily effected by gravity.  In order to use the weapon wisely, its best to aim it a little upwards to give the rocket a better tragectory.  While most of the damage relies on the splash of the explosion, a direct hit can cause an instant death, if not very serious damage, to your opponents.  A powerful tool.  Keep in mind, however, that the weapon is heavier than the other ones at your disposal and will take a little longer to pull up before it can be used.  The Mortar Launcher guessed it! Mortars, for ammo.


V.3 Electrode Gun
The V.3 Electrode Gun is an experimental prototype weapon designed by the scientists you'll encounter in the game.  It's powered by energy cells and fires a high velocity electric bolt at a fast rate.  These bolts deal heavy damage and can easily turn an enemy into a pile of red steaming slush.  Be careful though...your not the only one with this deadly weapon.  Like the Mortar Launcher, this weapon is heavy and takes a second before it you can aim and use it.  The Electrode Gun runs on 9 or 20 volt batteries.


C.U.B.E. Creature Creator
The Infamous Weapon.  C.U.B.E. stands for "Creation of Utopian Biological Entities" named by the scientists who created both the weapon and the monsters it spawns.  Heres how it works:  First, fire the weapon...the Icon of Sin's Cube will fly out of the nozzle.  Let it fly a certain distance without hitting anything, and a monster appears on your head.  In weapon mode, this tool acts like a super powered BFG, dealing 300 damage which can even kill an opponent in God Mode.  Let the games begin >:).  The Creature Creator can be powerd with both 9 and 20 volt batteries.


Security Vest
Not a weapon, but just a new item designed for Cube.  The security vest replaces the green armor from Doom 2 and gives you a boost of 200 armor when picked up.


Swat Team Bullet Proof Armor
This baby will give you some awsome protection, boosting your armor to 300!  Bring it on!