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This is a little website where you can download my Doom 2 mod, Cube, a MOD where you can use the Icon of Sin's monster making capabilities with a weapon called the "Creature Creator", along with 8 other deadly weapons to choose from, ranging from an Auto-Shotgun to the deadly Mortar Launcher. It was made with Deathmatch intentions, but I later added Single Player capabilities.  Be warned, the enemies can be extremely hard.  For expert players only!
Note:  I take NO credit for the graphics, sounds, or sprites found in the game.  I did not create them.  Other various authors created them.  If your graphics, sounds, or sprites are in the game and you don't want them in, please e-mail me.  Click on "contact me" on the top of the page, and I will gladly delete the offending piece or this website entirely.

No special source port is required to run Cube (it can usually run without one), but the use of one is recommended.  Check the documentation in the ZIP file to see what source ports are recommended and/or compadable.  E-mail me with any comments, questions, or problems via the "Contact Me" page.

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